In the Back of My Mind [SINGLE]
Written and Produced by Fletcher Daniel

Northbound by [SINGLE]
Written and Produced by Fletcher Daniel

Lizzy's Song [SINGLE]
Written and Produced by Fletcher Daniel


Fletcher Daniel is a singer songwriter from the Buffalo New York region who has crafted his own sound from his influences in folk, country, bluegrass and jazz. Many of his guitar parts include elements of fingerstyle picking, while his vocals have been influenced not only by his folk and rock heroes like Tom Petty and Paul Simon he has also been influenced Bing Crosby, Billie Holiday and Frank Sinatra due to their unique but smooth tones. Fletcher’s lyricism is heavily built around storytelling and imagery sometimes even including elements of abstract imagery in order to drive home the point of his songs which was developed through studying the lyricism of the sixties and seventies especially in the folk scene of that day.

               Fletcher’s stage-presence has been known to be quite unique. Quite often he will build in playful banter, funny stories from his life (there’s millions from his days working as a fast-food employee), and just energetic walking some jumping and overall trying to add a level of excitement to his shows to make sure that the audience really has an exceptional time while he is on stage!